David Fastuca
Episode 00

Why I started this podcast and who it’s for with David Fastuca from Locomote

Welcome to the Passion that Never Fails Podcast!

Passion That Never Fails is a weekly show that asks what fuels entrepreneurial passion.

My name is David Fastuca and I’ll be your host.

In this episode I introduce myself and share my experience as an entrepreneur.  I’m the CMO/co-founder of Locomote, a software company that has built industry changing technology for corporates to manage, book, and expense their travel.

I’ve been in business since I was 15 years old, working along side my cousin Ross Fastuca. I’m the proud father of 2 and part of a big Italian family living in Melbourne, Australia.

Along my journey I’ve met and been inspired by many entrepreneurs. My goal with Passion That Never Fails is to explore these questions:

What drives successful entrepreneurs?
How do they tackle adversity and fear?
We will also explore what has/hasn’t worked in business.

This podcast will show how everyday people followed their passion to success in business. This show is about the passion!

Who is this podcast for?

If you’re running a businesses or are a high level person within a business and want inspiration, we will kick start you towards success.

Do you want to learn from successful people? Want to hear about what makes them tick, gets them out of bed in the morning?

If you want to know what entrepreneurs are passionate about, this podcast is for you.

LIsten to our show during your commute as we cut the crap to deliver only high value information.

After enjoying the show please rate and review us here. With your support we will keep the passion burning.

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