Liz Volpe
Episode 01

What it takes to raise $138 million with Liz Volpe from Zest Possibilities

Setting big goals for a new business can be scary. It can also be a huge motivator for success. Today’s guest Liz Volpe has spent the last decade building successful businesses including marketing agency, Zest Possibilities. She’s now set her goals on a bigger mission; to change the world.

Liz Volpe founded Zest Possibilities an agency that focuses on marketing for brands. Even with a small team they experienced big results including raising over 140 million through fundraising. Liz moved from developing businesses to co-found the League of Extraordinary Women where she shares the entrepreneurial dream with other women. Her latest adventure is Project Gen Z, a movement aimed at educating orphans and inspiring the next generation of entrepreneurs. Liz is a mum on a mission to share the entrepreneurial spirit with the world.

Episode Highlights:

* What activity had the most impact to reach Liz’s goal?
* How did Liz build momentum for her big goal?
* What habit helps Liz focus on priorities?
* What mindset practices help Liz remember her purpose?
* How did a commission sales position educate Liz on business?
* The one piece of advice Liz would give her former self.

PLUS – Liz answers our Locomote Top 10 questions.


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