Gary Rose
Episode 04

What it takes to build a long lasting company with Gary Rose from Vocam

Businesses that adapt, succeed. Positioning yourself as the best solution requires courage and resiliency; today’s guest has both. Gary Rose is an accomplished entrepreneur. In the 1990’s he founded Vocam, a source of safety education material. Vocam grew from an operation in Gary’s home to an international organization. On this episode Passion Never Fails we have the opportunity to learn from one of the best in the entrepreneur game.

Gary Rose experienced success with his first business. Vocam has remained on the cutting edge of training material production. Early on Gary realized that successful training in the workplace is more than a task; it’s a responsibility. Vocam answered the need to connect with employees by providing engaging content. This dedication to a greater mission has moved Gary through decades of market changes. On this episode he shares his true passion and how that’s kept him moving.

Episode Highlights:

* How to engage through content.
* The challenges a progressive company faces.
* Gary’s advice on a mindset for success.
* Gary’s thoughts on self funding.
* Finding opportunity during times of adversity.

What practical item does Gary always travel with? Find out that and more during the Locomote Top 10.


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