Chris Joannou
Episode 35

Using your passion to build a community of entrepreneurs with Chris Joannou from Startup Grind and Private Label

My guest today is Chris Joannou. Chris is the founder, director, and general manager of Startup Grind Australia branch. He is also the founder of CleanStack a plant-based protein health food company. CleanStack is a marriage of health supplement products with chatbot technology. So, a customer can buy their supplement and consult a chatbot “trainer” to learn more good health habits.

Chris tells me why he chose the plant-based health space and what motivates him to keep pushing forward. He has some great insights on the family and business balance as well as awesome advice for startup entrepreneurs needing a little push.

  • Why Chris enjoys helping entrepreneurs.
  • How learning about the dairy process made Chris get into the plant-based protein market.
  • Why Chris needs to be excited by a project.
  • The 2 things that motivate Chris to keep his hustle going.
  • Chris’s advice for startups who are just starting.

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