Sheryl Thai
Episode 06

Turning Adversity into Opportunity with Sheryl Thai from Cupcake Central & League of Extraordinary Women

We welcome Sheryl Thai to the show today. Sheryl began her career as an entrepreneur, founding Cupcake Central by initially working out of her home and from there was able to open a storefront in August 2010 in Hawthorn, Australia.

Soon her business grew by leaps and bounds and with her business partner, Thin Neu, they were able to open 3 more stores around Melbourne. In 2013 she won Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the Australian Startup Awards.

Sheryl has also self published a cookbook, Hatch that Dream and co-founded the League of Extraordinary Women. The League offers guidance and encouragement to young women trying to make their own mark in the entrepreneurial world. Today Sheryl tells us what led her to found the League and what she has learned through trial and error.

Episode Highlights:

* Sheryl’s reason for doing what she loves
* How she got into IT
* Why milestones are different for every business
* What challenges Sheryl faced and how it made her better
* The benefits of journalling and meditation


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