Tim Fung
Episode 24

The Challenges Facing Building a 2 Sided Marketplace with Tim Fung from Air Tasker

My guest today is Tim Fung. Tim is the CEO of Airtasker, an online service marketplace for people needing chores and errands outsourced. He is the founder and director of Tank Stream Labs, which is an entrepreneurial community in Sydney. To add to his resume, Tim is also founder and director of several startups including Joe Button and Circuit Club.

During today’s episode, Tim uses his background in startups and venture capitalism to explore how Airtasker found its footing and how business in general is all about persistence.


* What is Tim’s passion
* The importance of persistence
* Tim’s trouble with marketing Airtasker
* Why working with businesses didn’t work as a marketing strategy
* The benefits of having a routine
* The “things happen for a reason” mindset


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