Elliot Costello
Episode 02

On a Mission to Back One Thousand Entrepreneurs and Change One Million Lives by 2018 with Elliot Costello from YGAP

The United Nations predicts that extreme poverty will be eradicated by the year 2030. On this episode of Passion Never Fails, our guest is the founder of a group committed to bringing lives out of poverty now. YGAP is an organization whose goal is to battle poverty by empowering locals in struggling areas of the world. We’re honoured to speak with Elliot about his journey.

Elliot Costello is the co-founder founder of YGAP, he leads a dedicated team who travel around the world creating change. A large portion of their funding is achieved through fundraising. Through campaigns like 5 cent, Photo for Freedom, Polished Man, and Feast of Merit thousands of lives have been impacted. Elliot combines traditional fundraising with social ventures taking an entrepreneurial approach to reach YGAP’s goals. The real impact is made through supporting local leaders as they truly know how to solve local problems. Empowering entrepreneurs on the local level is the foundation of YGAP’s mission. Their goal is to back one thousand entrepreneurs and change one million lives by the year 2018.

Episode Highlights:

* How YGAP measures impact
* The biggest lesson Elliot has learned
* The reward for taking risks
* Elliot’s mindset for success
* Insights into risks and how to manage them
* Elliot’s thoughts on overcoming adversity

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