Jeremy Liddle
Episode 13

Mastering The Art of The Startup Pitch with Jeremy Liddle from Capital Pitch

My guest today is Jeremy Liddle, the co-founder and CEO of CapitalPitch, a venture capital and capital accelerator company.

CapitalPitch is the first capital raising accelerator. He is also well versed in entrepreneurship ecosystems, mindset, and policy advice. At the age of 20, Jeremy started his startup career with Juice Station Outlet, the popular Australian juice bar. In 2005 he co-founded RioLife, a health food company.

Jeremy is the president of G20 Young Entrepreneurs Alliance (YEA) Australia. He hosted the G20 YEA Summit in 2014. He also represented Australia during the United Nations and Global Entrepreneurship Week. He is a successful Tedx speaker and the author of From Idea to Start-Up.On today’s episode Jeremy tells me about the inspiration for CapialPitch and what building his business was like.


* Jeremy’s biggest successes in business
* How CapitalPitch is different from other venture capitalists
* The challenge of raising capital
* How Jeremy and his company educate their startups and investors about their company
* How they manage risk
* Why you need to be clear on your purpose


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