Episode 43

Learn what makes your heart beat with Kym Huynh of WeTeachMe

Kym’s family were victims of a political regime that saw intelligence as a threat and one where having your say involves risks and consequences. They left Vietnam and generations of belonging behind to start over in Australia,  and the story of their escape and survival is part of the foundation of Kyms outlook.on life and business.

His life goal is to make a lasting and positive contribution to this world by always listening, always learning and helping people reach out and touch and inspire the lives of others from all corners of the globe. And in the quest for this he’s changed light bulbs and offered a shoulder to cry on to strangers who later became clients.

To support this mission of educating, entertaining, and empowering people, he founded the education-centric startup WeTeachMe; the go-to place for Australia’s best and most popular classes.  And this all  came about through his own desire to learn Spanish.

  • How a year of personal frustration with gave him the inspiration for a startup
  • How the potential regret of not chasing his dream, far outweighed the security of his regular job
  • The pain of scrapping a project you’ve invested over a year into
  • The one thing he didn’t do which led to that project being scrapped
  • How he went to extremes to meet and understand the problems of potential customers
  • The importance of competition in motivating you