Todd Tresidder
Episode 36

Invest smart, build wealth and live free with Todd Tresidder from Financial Mentor

My guest today is Todd Tresidder the creator of Financial Mentor. Todd graduated from the University of California at Davis with a B.A. in economics. He spent his youth learning how to grow and maintain his wealth. His technique was a huge success and by age 35 he was able to retire from his hedge fund company independently wealthy.

Today Todd teaches people how he was able to build his wealth and how they can do it as well. He offers online courses, books, coaching, and free resources on his website He tells me how he is able to stay motivated in such an intimidating market and what makes this program so different from other wealth building programs.

  • How Todd provides value to his customers.
  • Why the fear of public criticism was a huge hurdle for him.
  • What makes Todd’s courses and resources different from other programs?
  • What motivates him every day?
  • The setbacks he deals with every day.
  • Why he believes results are the best measure of success.

Financial Mentor

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