Jo Burston
Episode 08

Inspiring One Million Women Entrepreneurs by 2020 with Jo Burston from Inspire Rare Birds

My guest today is Jo Burston, the CEO of Job Capital. Jo is one of Australia’s top entrepreneurs and has found a passion for inspiring young people to become entrepreneurs.

She was a driving force in the company Inspiring Rare Birds. The company is meant to encourage young women to consider entrepreneurship.

Rare Birds has made two publications including Australia’s 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs and #IFSHECANICAN.

Jo is involved in numerous boards including the University of Sydney Business School, University of Sydney Innovation, Entrepreneur Advisory Group, and Entrepreneurs Organisation. Jo also advised the Prime Minister and the Sydney Lord Mayor on topics such as academia, the industry, and the government in reference to the awareness of entrepreneurship. She mentors young people who want to learn more about business

Jo has also joined the Advisory Board for the LaunchVIc initiative, a group meant to fund startups in the near future.

Jo shares the reasons why she has become a voice for this movement and how it has grown.


* Why Jo decided to investigate young women’s lack of presence in entrepreneurship.
* The answers she found during this investigation
* The beginnings of Inspiring Rare Birds
* How Jo and the organisation were able to grow a following
* The challenges she has encountered

On June 8th and 9th in Sydney, Australia Inspiring Rare Birds is hosting Rare Birds Con.


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Inspiring Rare Birds
Australia’s 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs
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