Christine Khor
Episode 31

How to hire passionate people with Christine Khor from Chorus Executive

Christine Khor from Chorus Executive joins me for this episode. Christine has had a long and successful career in the marketing, sales, and communication sphere. Her resume boasts of time with Kraft Foods and Simplot. In 2000, she branched out with her company called Chorus Executive.

Chorus Executive recruits people for the sales and communication field.  Christine shares what her goals are for the company, as well as her new project Peepl Match. Her passion for helping people find contentment in their life carries over into her work with The Hunger Project. Christine is the Chair of The Hunger Project’s Victoria Development Board. We discuss this passion and how it shapes her view on the world.

  • Chorus Executive’s 3 main services.
  • Why happy employees mean better profits.
  • The importance of hiring the right people.
  • Hire slow, fire fast.
  • Why people are the most difficult aspect of a business.
  • Be genuine and always say thank you.
  • The benefits of being a problem solver.
Resources Mentioned:

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The Hunger Project

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