Episode 45

How to grow teams with extreme ownership with Peter Malekas of Moneysoft

Today we have Peter Malekas; founder and MD of Moneysoft.

Moneysoft simplifies money management, cash flow and budgeting for professionals and their clients. Not many people know this but Moneysoft was Australia’s first personal bank aggregator and analytics system.

It enables users to link their personal bank accounts, and empowers them to perform goal setting and targeted savings through highly visual and intuitive user interfaces. I’ve been using Moneysoft for years now and I have been following Peter on his journey.

  • Money Soft and understanding your personal finances
  • Financial Services to Financial Technology
  • Working on lots of ideas to stop boredom in working life
  • The first hire of Money Soft and why Peter remembers them
  • It took many ingredients to make Money Soft a success
  • Big changes in the financial industry
  • Running a business where every member of staff works like they are their own business
  • Keeping a company alive
  • Not measuring a companies success based on the number of employees and working smart
  • Getting people invested in the company and the journey employees are taken on

Peter’s Favourite Book: