Ben Harvey
Episode 17

How to Focus on What Matters with Ben Harvey from Authentic Education

My guest today is Ben Harvey, the co-founder of Authentic Education. Authentic Education is responsible for a variety of educational seminars all across Australia.

In 2013, they received the BRW Fast Starters Award. Then in 2015, they were number 38 on the BRW Fast 100 as one of the fastest growing businesses in Australia.

Ben is a presenter for his product designed to help people do what they love. During today’s episode, Ben discusses why he and his business partner founded Authentic Education and how they continue to stay on top. We discuss the reason business exists and how the public affects the business. We also talk about the role of passion and courage in business.

Ben is also offering our listeners a special deal at their website Follow the link below in the resource section and get a free Starter Pack, a $135 value.


* The importance of finding your passion
* Why Ben gets out of bed in the morning
* The part courage plays in business
* How a presentation works best
* What makes a business an organization
* What is the “Reframe Game”
* The Age of Knowledge
* Turning Point Intensive” National Tour


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