Sarah Riegelhuth
Episode 10

How to create freedom and live the life you want to live with Sarah Riegelhuth from Wealth Enhancers

Today we welcome Sarah Riegelhuth a board member of many businesses including We Love Numbers, Grow My Team, and The League of Extraordinary Women. She is also CEO of Gen Y financial advisory, and Wealth Enhancers.

Sarah is a speaker, blogger, and author of Get Rich Slow. She was recognized as IFA Thought Leader of the Year. she also sits on numerous boards of non-profit organisations like Project Futures and Global Women Leaders, She has been listed in the Top 100 Influential People in Melbourne. Also she is in the Top 50 Female Entrepreneurs Under 40.

Sarah shares her business lessons with me during today’s episode.

Episode Highiights:

* Why Sarah has a passion for her work
* The importance of having your business squared away and sale ready
* Some of Sarah’s tough lessons in past dealings
* Why you should surround yourself with positive people
* Why you should trust your gut
* Recruiting the right people for work.


Wealth Enhancers
Grow My Team
We Love Numbers
The League of Extraordinary Women

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Quotes from today’s episode: