Rob Ward
Episode 07

How to Build a Loyal Following of over 200,000 Customers with Rob Ward from Annex Products

Rob Ward is the co-founder of Annex Products, a Melbourne-based company started in 2012. Rob’s main focus is the company’s newest product, Quad Lock, an iPhone mounting system that makes driving, biking, running and other activities so much simpler.

On today’s episode of Passion Never Fails, David Fastuca speaks with Rob about his company’s journey from a brand new startup to a raging success has evolved over time. Rather than experiencing a straight shot toward success, there were some stops and starts along the way. The important thing, you’ll see, is that Rob was able to persevere despite some bumps, never losing his burning desire to not only create an excellent product, but also to encourage community engagement and feedback.

In this podcast, you’ll learn:

* What drives Rob’s passion toward success
* The main factors that Rob says have been responsible for the achievement of his goals
* The biggest failure that Rob has encountered, and how it became an excellent lesson that has stayed with him
* How Annex Products manages risk within the company
* How Rob has bounced back from adversity
* As the Locomote Top 10, some fun facts about Rob’s travel habits, including how he flies, what he can’t travel without,   and his biggest pain-point when planning travel

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Quotes from today’s episode: