David Barrett
Episode 25

How to Build a Great Company and Hire Better People with David Barrett from Expensify

My guest today is David Barrett. David is the founder of Expensify, a financial tool that helps people keep track of their expenses. David attended college in Michigan and worked for Virtual Reality Lab. He then moved to Texas and wrote 3D graphics engines for video game design.

When David moved to California, he met Travis Kalanick and developed Red Swoosh with him. In 2008, David moved on to do his own thing with Expensify. Since then, Expensify has become an office staple that helps employees get their expense reports done fast and correctly.

On today’s episode, David tells me how he views his business and success in general.


* What Expensify does
* How “holding the line” has made Expensify successful
* What David looks for in an employee
* The importance of resisting bad advice
* The 2 camps of Silicon Valley
* Silicon Valley’s “Pump and Dump” philosophy
* Expensify 2 simple rules
* Why nothing is never really a failure

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