Episode 28

How to build a company with purpose with Phil Ore from Marketing Entourage

My guest today is Phil Ore. Phil is the co-founder of Marketing Entourage, a marketing consulting company. He prefers the title “Idea Manager.” Phil focuses on the human element of business and how to connect clients to their best human connection.

Phil has been in the industry for 25 years. He uses that experience to tell us why he finds the “H to H” perspective the best. On today’s episode Phil let’s me know why he does what he does. He also tells me what he offers to his customers and why Marketing Entourage is marketing consulting “with a twist.”

  • Why Phil likes to help people.
  • The process Marketing Entourage follows.
  • Marketing Entourage’s involvement with the city of Melbourne.
  • The importance of picking the right team.
  • The importance of a positive attitude.
  • Why mistakes are inevitable.
  • Why you should focus leaving a positive impact.
  • The Trilogy of Awesomeness!

Phil’s LinkedIn
Marketing Entourage
Entrepreneurs & Co

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