Stuart Taylor
Episode 19

How to Be Resilient in the Face of Adversity with Stuart Taylor from the Resilience Institute

My guest today is Stuart Taylor, the founder of The Resilience Institute. After a devastating diagnosis of brain cancer, Stuart turned his own self analysis into a mission to help others. The Resilience Institute is based out of Australia and focuses on teaching people how to develop resilience. Stuart’s presentations and workshops focus on discussing human behaviour, motivation, stress mastery, organisational and personal performance.

tuart has a background in psychology, finance, IT and engineering. He has written a book called Assertive Humility – Emerging From The Ego Trap. He also sits on the board of The Gawler Cancer Foundation and is an Ambassador for Cure Brain Cancer Foundation.

On today’s episode Stuart tells us how he overcame the challenges and mental blocks that The Resilience Institute addresses.


* How helping others helped Stuart find his passion
* How Stuart built an audience for his workshops and presentations
* The problems of black and white thinking
* The 3 keys to bouncing back from adversity


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