Finn Kelly
Episode 20

How Habits Can Build Success with Finn Kelly from We Love Numbers

My guest today is Finn Kelly. Finn is the co-founder of many businesses designed to help businesses meet their maximum potential. Finn is part of We Love Numbers, Gen Y Wealth Enhancers, and also WE Private.

During today’s episode, Finn tells me why he was inspired to co-found We Love Numbers. We Love Numbers is a bookkeeping and smart analytic service. The company’s clients use the service to see the boosts and cracks in their business. Finn shares with me what encourages him on a daily basis and how to keep focus in your business.


* Finn’s passion for encouraging
* His biggest successes
* His biggest challenges
* Finn’s daily routine that helps him meet these successes and challenges
* How to manage risk in your business
* What numbers to look at for optimal business growth
* The importance of gratefulness
* The importance of planning
* The importance of having people to talk too


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