Episode 42

How giving your team recognition can change the game with Andrea Culligan of Redii

At the ripe age of 19yrs old, Andrea left Canada, flew to Australia and started travelling.
For the next 2yrs, she worked on whale watching boats, sang in pubs, managed hostels and lived in dorms.

It wasn’t glamorous but it was adventurous. Ending up in Sydney towards what was supposed to be the end of her travels, she was recruited by a start-up and well, the rest became history.

Andrea ended up taking over the company and starting another 5 businesses in 17 years.
She’s sold a couple, started a few and closed others.

Andrea says It’s been one helluva ride with some of her greatest achievements: winning the Telstra Young Business Woman of the Year, The Telstra Small Business of the Year, being on the BRW Fastest 100 list and a multitude of client, industry and marketing awards throughout the years.

After a 17yr career in entrepreneurship, Andrea decided to take a 2 year hiatus travelling around the world and experiencing some of the greatest adventures out there.

And now, recently returning to Sydney embarked on a new venture in HR technology helping businesses build amazing teams.

  • Suddenly changing everything, selling everything and going a different way
  • Joining Ready
  • Exploring power of choice
  • Side jobs whilst starting your business
  • The cost of losing someone in your business and caring about people
  • Rewarding and communicating with employees for results
  • Making your customer path clear
  • Conversion and getting in front of the right people