Michael Carp
Episode 32

Growing a humble family business into nation wide success with Michael Carp from Kez’s Kitchen

My guest today is Michael Carp, the managing director of Kez’s Kitchen. Michael began his career as a lawyer, but he left if behind in 1994 to help his sister Karen grow her baking business. The Kez’s brand started out making biscuits in 1991, but currently, offers a variety of products. Many of these new products are gluten free and all natural. Michael is now the sole shareholder of Kez’s Kitchen, but he holds on to the values and lessons he learned while it was still just a struggling family business.

Michael tells me why he chose this path and how it has been the best choice for him. We discuss the highs and lows of small business owning and Michael shares some of the company’s successes.

  • How Kez’s Kitchen got its start.
  • Why Michael chose to work with his family.
  • Kez’s growth in the last 5 years.
  • How to deal with cash flow problems.’
  • The importance of having good people working for you.
  • Why entrepreneurs need resilience.

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