Aaron Smith
Episode 18

From Idea to 22 Studios and More with Aaron Smith from KX Pilates

My guest today is Aaron Smith, the founder of KX Group Pilates. Aaron was a seasoned traveller who found pilates while working in London. He brought the training method to Australia and opened his first studio in 2010 in Malvern, Victoria

Now he has 22 locations open across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Aaron has won numerous awards and presented at Filex 2015.

Aaron’s boutique style studios teach Pilates, assisted Yoga, Barre, Cycle, and hosts international retreats. Aaron himself has a Bachelor of Science degree and majored in exercise physiology. He is a qualified personal trainer and advanced STOTT Pilates trainer.


* Aaron’s love for people
* The importance of timing in building his business
* How branding helped his business grow
* Why training has been important to his success
* Why positivity is essential
* Enjoying the journey
* How not disappointing parents can be a great motivator for success
* How to move forward when set back


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