Simone Milasas
Episode 26

From being in debt to building a thriving company with Simone Milasas from Access Consciousness

My guest today is Simone Milasas, the worldwide coordinator for Access Consciousness. She is a coach for people looking for the joy in business.

Simone is a lover of business and has spent her career learning every in and out of whatever industry she takes on. She worked in everything from warehouses to management positions. She has ran her own successful business for 12 years and thoroughly enjoys the life she has built. She is the author of the book The Joy of Business and is working on a second book called From Debt to Money Play.

On today’s episode Simone shares why she loves business. She also shares the hard lessons she took away from her experiences. Simone also offers practical advice to keep your mindset in the right place.


* Why Simone loves business.
* How her interest and willingness to learn and do everything has helped her.
* What she learned from Good Vibes View.
* Why people need to know the risk of business.
* Why issues need to be dealt with directly.
* The importance of asking questions.
* Why you should be willing to lose everything.
* Wishing vs. Doing


Access Joy of Business

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