Margie Warrell
Episode 33

Finding your passion by being brave – with Margie Warrell

My guest today is Margie Warrell, Margie is a bestselling author of four books. Her latest release is Make Your Mark. Margie specializes in motivation and is really focused on helping people live bravely. She is a Forbes columnist who has contributed to major media outlets worldwide, including CNN and the Today Show.

Margie is the first ambassador for Women in Global Business, which is based in Australia. She is a passionate advocate for gender equality. She is also an ambassador for beyondblue, a non-profit organization dedicated to support and serve sufferers of mental illness.

Margie’s business focuses on empowerment, executive leadership, workshops, and overall just helping people be their best selves. She tells me about the early days in her business and how she is able to stay motivated. In fact, we are going to try something new today, instead of our usual Locomote Top Ten, I asked Margie what are her best tools for motivation. Tune in to get inspired!

  • Why Margie left the corporate world.
  • How Margie’s lack of a business plan actually worked for her.
  • How her doubts inspired her first book Find Your Courage.
  • The reasons people don’t “go for it!”
  • Margie’s advice for small business owners.
  • Lessons about hiring.
  • The importance of networking.
  • Margie’s best tools and advice for staying motivated.

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