Episode 41

Building, growing and exiting a business with Rebekah Campbell of Zambesi

Rebekah is a serial entrepreneur who has played the lead role in the disruption of two industries! Her company Hey You is Australia’s largest mobile ordering and payments platform for café’s.

Hey You enables customers to discover and build relationships with store owners. They can order and pay by their mobiles phones, and gain loyalty. The company processes more than 50,000 transactions per week. With over 4% weekly growth, and recently closing a $5million investment.

Rebekah’s first company Scorpio music developed the careers of some of Australia’s biggest stars, such as: Evermore, Alex Lloyd, Matt Corby, and Lisa Mitchell.

Rebekah’s also an expert in developing strategies to disrupt the way we do things to create the right product and brand for the opportunity.

  • First entrepreneurial venture at 19
  • Starting a company managing bands
  • Zambesi – A marketplace for face to face education
  • Doing something you really care about
  • Finding / seeing a market where there’s a problem
  • Being a “Second Time Founder”
  • Scaling to be able to grow globally VS building something people love
  • Being an entrepreneur AND a parent
  • Getting support from the founder of Google Maps