Jonathan Hill
Episode 34

Building a business that changes people’s lives with Jonathan Hill from Chef Good

My guest today is Jonathan Hill. Jonathan is the founder of Branched, an eco-friendly fashion brand and Chef Good, a meal delivery service.

Jonathan credits his father for inspiring Chef Good. As a busy businessman, Jonathan’s father didn’t have access to healthy food. This gave Jonathan the idea of taking the difficulty out of finding healthy food choices. After 3 years, Chef Good has been helping people make smarter food choices. The company has even partnered with F45 Training to help their customers change their lives.

Branched has grown wildly and is featured in 180 stores all over Australia. Jonathan was an Australian start-up business award finalist for 2013 and 2014. Today, he tells me what inspires him to keep getting up every morning and what lessons he has learned while running a business.

  • Why a support team is important for motivation.
  • How Jonathan structures his day.
  • Why background checks and research are crucial for hiring employees.
  • What really made Chef Good grow.
  • Why you need to be a little uncomfortable in business.

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