Catherine Brooks
Episode 03

Balancing work and health with Catherine Brooks from The Natural Supply Co

Many small businesses begin with a big solution to a need. Catherine’s experience as a health conscious woman fueled her passion to bring high quality natural products into one website. Along with two partners she launched Natural Supply Co. Catherine Brooks is our guest on this episode of Passion Never Fails.

Natural Supply Co is dedicated to providing low toxic, cruelty free products to Australians. They’ve carefully selected the best natural products for beauty, home, and baby. Catherine is proud of the progress the young business has made. She looks toward the future with the wisdom of past challenges and a passion for change.

Episode Highlights:

* How fighting for cruelty free products unites customers
* Insight into building community on Instagram
* Cash flow challenges of a new small business
* The importance of communication in a partnership
* The support female entrepreneur networks provide

What are Catherine’s tech item must haves? Find out when she answers the Locomote Top 10.


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